Ikea Chair

We own a couple of Ikea chairs, including a Poäng.  They have a canvas type cover over the padding.  The only drawback is that dirt and spills show up really well on the light fabric.  The solution I came up with was to stitch some fabric right on top of the existing fabric and padding.Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.41.52 PM

Supplies needed:

The chair pad – ours is the childrens Poäng chair

fabric – approximately a half yard cotton fabric

sewing machine, thread, scissors and pins


I started by laying the fabric out and putting the pad on top.  I did a really rough cut around the pad, adding a couple of inches to each side.

(You will do the main body of the pad first, then do the ‘pillow’ section separately.)

On the backside of the pad I used some safety pins to hold down the pockets.  The pockets slip over the chair frame to hold it in place, so you don’t want to stitch them.


Next, I lifted up the pillow up and laid the fabric right side up over the front of the padding.  Starting in the seam where the pillow is attached to the pad I folded the fabric under and pinned in place.   Continue folding and pinning the fabric around the rest of the pad.

I used lots and lots of pins on the curves.  Tuck and pin.  If necessary use the tip of a pin to push, pull and wiggle the fabric in place.

Then you ‘stitch in the ditch’.  This is simply stitching in an existing seam. Take it slowly and go right through your fabric and through the padding.  It looks like a topstitch, but remember to backstitch so it won’t unravel.  I chose to start under the pillow so any mistakes I made while experimenting would be covered.IMG_8338

TIP:  Change your needle to a strong one.  My quilting needle curved, so I had to change it mid project.  Thankfully I had a denim needle in my supplies, so I switched and didn’t have another problem.

Do the same process for the pillow.  Then slip the pad back on the chair.UISI6126 (1)

I love when my experiments actually work!!  The possibilities are endless!  There are hundreds of fabrics to chose from, you can  personalize it by adding a monogram or ric-rac or ribbon.  Have fun being creative!


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