Gradient Patriotic



I signed up for the Flirty Sew Along on Instagram hosted by Happinessinthemaking and Heritage.threads.  The pattern is by April Rosenthal.

I’ve been saving this black Essex Linen and thought it would make the colors pop.  Initially I laid the blocks out randomly, working hard to randomize the colors.  On a whim I thought I would see how things would look if I arranged things more gradient.

When I started arranging by colors the navy section was actually green; because, that’s what came with the jelly roll.  But I wasn’t feeling the love. IMG_4220

The Olympics are just around the corner and we just had the most awesome July 4th that I can remember.  I live at the top of the hill in my neighborhood.  Nobody climbs that hill to visit…unless they are in a car.  I think they are afraid of having a heart attack.  (haha!)

On July 4th the neighbors in every subdivision set their legal (and illegal) fireworks off.  My family sets up our camp chairs in the backyard and waits for the show.  This year we had a 360 degree view when all the neighbors around us lit their aerial fireworks.  It was AWESOME!  We live in Utah, but I sure love those Wyoming fireworks that my community brings to town.  ;)

And so… Gradient Patriotic was born….. now I’m nearly ready for the Olympics.  Well, I’ll pretend I am since this is currently laying on my sewing room floor.FullSizeRender




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