I always think its fun to see how different quilts turn out with slight changes.  This is Flirty, by April Rosenthal.  The plus signs are Bonnie and Camille fabrics, from many different lines, including some solid fabrics.

The biggest difference is the background fabrics.  On the left is Essex Linen in black, which is more of a dark charcoal in color.  The texture adds depth to the quilt as well. Some of the threads are chunkier and remind me of a very thin strand of yarn. While others are narrower, small and more threadlike.  It was surprisingly easy to sew on.  I expected more fraying, but I didn’t have any problems.

On the right is the Bella Ice background, the texture is smoother, crisper and naturally brighter. A hint of blue makes this fabric feel fresh, cheerful and summery.  It’s a standard quilting weight cotton that is always easy to sew with.  I expect to use Bella Ice in several more projects.

The left quilt is named Gradient Patriotic because of the red, white and blue gradient or ombré layout.  Color placement is key here because the the reds and navy’s change to lighter tones of pinks and aquas as they progress to the white center.  I never expected to have bold reds and blues converge in a white center.  But, when I was sewing one day it just struck me.  This might just be kind of cool.  :)

The left quilt layout is a scrappy, toss in all the colors kind of layout.  I love scrappy quilts because I don’t need to make sure the colors are the same tones.  I toss in an orange and a limey green, red and whatever tickles my fancy. I can mix and match and use all my leftover scraps from other projects.  Often my scrappy quilts have a memory or two associated with them.  Fabrics left over from a project I did with my daughters, or fabric a friend shared with me.  A story.  I’m also a lover of stories.  Especially quilts with stories.

I love the bright clean look of white backgrounds.  I mean I LOVE them! I consistently return to a crisp, bright white in my quilts.  However, I realize how fun and even invigorating trying new things can be.  To step out of my traditional and comfortable habits and discover new things to love and incorporate into my quilts.

I’m encouraging you to try some new things.  A new color, texture or how about a new designer of fabrics.  You don’t have to give up your favorites, and I know it can be scary.  Do a test block, lay them out on your table to get a feel for things.  Or, imitate someone or something you see on social media.  As the saying goes, “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Have fun trying new things! :)




Giveaway is now CLOSED…..


To go along with the Bonnie and Camille Dwell Block Swap wouldn’t it be fun to get free charm packs!?!    I have partnered with Denise at Happy Valley Quilting to give away three charm packs.  Bonnie and Camile’s Vintage Picnic, Hello Darling and the newest release,  Little Ruby.  Here’s what you need to do:

*Follow @SimplyKatesPlace and @HappyValleyQuilting on Instagram

*Like our posts about the giveaway on Instagram

*Tag a friend

*Join the #bandcdwellswap join here:

That’s it!  Entries close on June 1st.  Good luck!!


I have done beehives and swaps but last year I signed up for too many.  You remember the Bonnie and Camille beehives- times two.  Plus Lizzy House,  C+S, AMH, a few more B&C swaps  and a dozen other choices last year!  Thanks heavens I didn’t join every single one.  Trust me there was a lot of temptation, but I tried to be realistic about my life and abilities.  So I joined just enough to cause me … STRESS.  :)

Now we are at the end of May and my friend Denise and I were talking how we want to do something… Ay yai yai!  (How do you spell crazy sounds?!)

I have been making Dwell blocks and almost have enough for a quilt.  But… it would be so much more fun with friends!!!  Want to join Denise and I and make some Dwell blocks?

*Sign ups are open now until June 1, 2016

*Pattern is Dwell by Camille @Thimbleblossoms – from the book Simply Retro

*International is ok.  Mailing deadline is August 1, 2016

*US mail deadline is August 15, 2016

*Bonnie and Camille fabrics are required

*Make as many as you want and get the same number back

**Include a PRE PAID and self addressed return envelope when you mail your blocks to me

*Just make the house, no sashing

*Background is Bella 98 – You only need a little for both sides of the roof


Once sign ups close I will send an email with the mailing address for the swap.  I can’t wait to see all the cute little houses!!

Sign up-

Update:  I just learned there was a correction to one of the Dwell houses.  Here is the correction:

Page 64 – Block assembly instructions for House C
Step 1 says to cut 1 piece 3 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ for the header; it should be 3″ x 9 1/2″.