My sweet friend, Nile is moving.  I could feel the (very little) cogs and wheels in my brain moving as she was talking about oranges, grays and green in her new home.  Corey Yoder’s Sundrops were sitting on my shelf…. And so I started imagining.

I did some experiments and came up with this….


I asked my boys what I should name it.  They thought I would like an endearing, warm fuzzy kind of name.  ME?!  I begged them to answer the question, finally they caved and said it looked like a Kaleidoscope.  It does!  My grandmother had a kaleidoscope in the toy bin at her house; although the colors are different I remembered being five years old and looking through it.  They had given me a warm fuzzy, memory filled kind of name after all.

Here’s how to make it-


30 degree ruler

Ruler to square up blocks, at least 5.5 inches

32 –  2  1/2 inch strips x WOF

48 – 1  1/2 inch strips x WOF

30 – 8.5 inch strips background fabric (I used white) x WOF

binding  6  –  2.5 inch strips x WOF

Finished Quilt 50 x 60 inches

Sew the strips of fabric together, alternating sizes: small, big, small, big, small.  Iron.  Repeat the process until you have 16 strips.


Using your 30 degree ruler cut wedges.  Rotate your ruler after each cut completely 180 degrees.  Line up the edge and do the next cut, until you have cut the entire strip.  Repeat on all the strips.

Do the same process on all the background fabric strips..


Now sew background wedges onto your color wedges. One background fabric wedge onto each side of your color wedge.  And… pull out your favorite ruler you use to square up blocks. img_5042

See that diagonal line across the ruler?  You put that line across the center of the colored wedge.  A trick you can use is to fold the block in half and iron a nice crease.  Then the center is obvious.  Or you can just eyeball it.  I’ve done it both ways, do what makes you happy.  Are you an OCD perfectionist kind of person, or the flying by the seat of your pants kind of person?    I ironed and pretended to be a perfectionist until I got the hang of things.. and then… well, my normal tendencies of winging it came to the surface. ;)


Back to the task… Line up the diagonal line and get right up to the point and the edges of the background fabric and then trim.


Then slide the ruler forward, towards the point.  Line up the diagonal line again, AND this time use the 5.5 inch mark on the freshly trimmed edges.  You will end up with a cute square all ready to join his little friends.  Repeat, repeat and repeat until you have 120 blocks.

Sew them all together.  I did break out the pins.  I pinned the points together so they wouldn’t wiggle while I was stitching.img_5151

If you make one, I’d love to see how yours turns out!  Drop me a note, or tag me on Instagram.