splendid sampler

I decided to try something new this year.  Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson are hosting The Splendid Sampler.  Over the course of a year there will be 100 free quilt blocks that require different techniques.  Every Sunday and Thursday a new block is put on the website that you can download and then create your own block.

Trying and learning new things are good!  I’m hoping to try something that I haven’t done before, or maybe brush up some skills I don’t use very often.

The first block was released on Sunday.  I can tell my sampler quilt is already changing, I only used one of the original fabrics I started with!!  Goodness sake, it’s a good thing I have a stash!!


You can still join in the fun too!!  Go to thesplendidsampler.com and sign up for the emails.  Easy-peasy.  There are no deadlines or pressure, except the ones you set for yourself. :)