The reason I put my name into the pattern testing pool is because I get to try new things.  Sometimes my skills will be tested and tried, like when I do paper piecing or stitching with curves.

I’m definitely NOT a pro at curves.  I can check that box ✔️as done!  Wahoo!  Next time I will be honing a skill instead of learning a new one.

This is Mini Picnic by  Jenny Pedigo at Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I love this!  I felt so accomplished when I was done.  This is actually quilted and bound, but not a picture to be found.  I love how this turned out!FullSizeRender

This is the full size version, Chic Picnic.  And yes, this is still laying in a corner of my family room…. But that corner is really pretty!


There is usually a deadline which helps me stay focused and practice time management.  Most of the time there is a distant deadline and easily achieved goals.  Once in a while there is a ‘quick turnaround’.  I like both challenges, if I can fit them into my schedule.  I love Nicole’s patterns from LillyElla.  This is Litter Blox and is easy peasy!  Floral kittens (who knew they could be so dang cute?)  and my first time sewing with Essex Linen (Steel).      I was able to sneak some of my favorite scraps into this one.


I experiment with new colors and textures.  Moda has released solids bundles that match designers fabric lines.  I was fortunate to sew a sample for a local quilt shop.  I didn’t imagine how in love  💛💗💚   I would be with the Popsicle quilt by Fig Tree.  I’ve got to sew more often with low volume backgrounds!  And solids too!


This Spool Sampler was perfect to make a mini and try my hand at these darling designs by Bonnie at Cotton Way.   I got to practice my points and it wasn’t bad when I used my seam ripper- there were only four blocks!  Not a big deal if I made a mistake.  (Perfect Points are my achilles heel!)


I am reminded that quilting can be fun, simple and a breeze.  This is a new pattern by Samantha Green at For the Love of Fabric called Junction.  My husband was deployed and life was feeling a little large, I guess.  This pattern was so good for me.  It came together quickly and I remembered how enjoyable sewing is.  This block is 30 inches!  It is getting a border and going to a new baby.  (Anything to get to hold and smell a new baby!)IMG_4098

If you have the chance to do some pattern testing…  you should!!  It could be scary and challenging, but how will you know what you like and don’t like?  What a better way to learn new things?  Be brave and give it a shot!!